What is Environmental Social Science? ACCESS report

Published on 30 January 2024

This report focuses on interviews conducted with environmental social scientists in academic and non-academic roles to help build a shared understanding.

Participants considered the range of social sciences that can and should be included in the list, the different social groups that can and should be studied, and the different types of environments and environmental issues that can and should be examined. The interviews also highlighted the range of different goals of research in this area, from understanding complex people-environment interactions to testing the impact of specific behaviour change interventions. Overall, the surveys and interviews confirmed the need to develop a clear definition and description of ESS that can be used to champion the field.

Professor Birgitta Gatersleben, Dr George W. Warren (University of Surrey), and Dr Valentine Seymour (University of Surrey), Dr Harry Marshall (Forest Research), Gerardo A. Torres Contreras (University of Sussex)

Download the report (PDF)

This report is also covered in the webinar, Why do we need Environmental Social Sciences?

Further reports will soon be available soon.