ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
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Growing the social sciences within environmental organisations

Developing across-organisation social science resources for non-social scientists within environmental organisations

Project Team

Ruth Lamont

Dr Ruth Lamont
Senior Specialist, Social Science Team
Natural England

Beth Clarke

Dr Beth Clark
Lecturer in Food Marketing
Newcastle University

Dr Fränze Kibowski
Natural England

Dr Beth Brockett
Forest Research

Professor Gabriele Durrant
ESRC National Centre for Research Methods
University of Southampton

Dr Clive Mitchell
Nature Scot

The Project

This project is a collaboration between multiple social science teams/leads within environmental organisations. Together we aim to better equip our organisations in using social science to address environmental challenges.

We aim to grow:

  1. Understanding of the social sciences and their value in addressing environmental challenges
  2. Best practice in the use of social science methods
  3. Effective commissioning of social science research


We will do this by

  1. Scoping the need, both with social science teams/leads within environmental organisations, and with their non-social science colleagues
  2. Bringing together exiting resources in one place that can begin to address these needs
  3. Piloting and refining the resources with a group of users
  4. Developing a forward plan to grow this package of support beyond the life of this grant

Guiding Principles

Knowledge Co-production is at the core of this project. The project will be delivered collaboratively and produce outputs that aim to be a shared resource, increasing efficiency and collaboration.


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