How do you run a successful hybrid event?

Published on 1 November 2023

This was just one of the questions we asked ourselves before organising our first ACCESS Annual Assembly in 2022. Since then we have been evaluating our larger events and we are keen to share our findings.

Early in the planning for the Assembly, we decided we wanted to welcome in-person and online visitors. It was important for us to:

  • Invite people from various disciplines and champion the benefits of collaboration and co-production.
  • Be inclusive and offer equally enriching experiences and networking opportunities to those in the room and those sitting at their desktop.
  • Experiment and move away from the conference norm of short presentation slots and parallel sessions over lunch to something more relaxed that would allow people to think, ask questions and connect with others.
  • Incorporate our Guiding Principles (EDI, Environmental Sustainability and Knowledge Coproduction)

We couldn’t find much to guide us on our ambitious mission, so after the event we decided to share our experiences; the highs and the lows; the challenges and obstacles; and what we might do differently next time. These reflections have been a guide for future ACCESS events and we hope others might also find them useful.

Guide for Hybrid Events – Reflections from Annual Assembly 2022

From planning to evaluation, the report focuses on venue hire, accommodation, event programme, audio & visual technology, networking opportunities and how to incorporate our Guiding Principles.

ACCESS Assembly 2022 Event Evaluation Report

Our first event (circa 70 people) – what worked and what didn’t.

ACCESS Assembly 2023 Event evaluation Report

Building on what we learnt first time round – successes and areas that needed further thought and consideration.

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