Sharing ACCESS’s Guiding Principles with the Academy of Social Sciences member learned societies

Published on 19 October 2023

ACCESS colleagues Stewart Barr, Kate Burningham, Sarah Golding and Steve Guilbert presented the ACCESS Guiding Principles to representatives of the Academy of Social Sciences’ (AcSS) member learned societies on Monday 18 September. The AcSS is the UK’s national academy of academics, practitioners and learned societies in the social sciences, championing the vital role the social sciences play in education, government and business.

In the meeting, the Guiding Principles and their development were outlined, highlighting the intersecting issues of how social scientists can undertake their research in an environmentally sustainable, inclusive and co-productive way.

Recognising the work already ongoing through many learned societies, the session enabled members to share their experiences of working to improve their own practices and to support individual social researchers in their efforts to change their practice. The meeting demonstrated the many areas of excellence already being developed alongside the barriers for implementing change. This highlighted both the need to understand organisational and individual contexts, alongside working through the tensions that may emerge between elements of the guiding principles (e.g. between environmentally sustainable behaviours and EDI considerations).

The team have a follow-up meeting to explore how ACCESS and the AcSS can work together and learn from and share good practice with the learned societies.