Psychologists uniquely placed to help tackle climate change

Published on 2 November 2023

The British Psychologist Society has issued a position statement about the Climate and Ecological Crisis. This was a collaborative effort by all members of the BPS CEACG (Climate Environment Action Coordinating Group) which includes psychologists in the ACCESS network.

Terri Morrissey, Chair of the CEACG, said:

“Many thanks to the members of the group who worked collaboratively together to produce this statement. It gives a comprehensive overview of the crisis facing us all and steers us as psychologists toward the key areas where psychology can make a difference in helping to address these challenges.

“Psychologists have a unique and vitally important role to play in tackling the climate crisis. We are experts in human behaviour, motivation and change. We can also offer support on the impacts of climate change on individuals and communities through helping to build resilience, develop coping mechanisms and overcome trauma associated with climatic crises.

“We can also influence policy and policy makers through the use of psychological science and evidence-based research on the causes and human impact of climate disasters.”

This declaration of how psychology can make a difference is true of every social science discipline. Hopefully, this call to arms will spark more conversations of the importance of Environmental Psychology at decision-making levels.

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