The National Institute for Health & Care Research has launched a major new pledge to climate change and sustainability in health and social care research.

Published on 21 March 2024

The NIHR  commitments set out key steps they will take to engage in climate, health and sustainability research and capacity building. They are also committing to reducing the carbon footprint of NIHR and the wider research community. New research funding through a £25m funding call to help the health and social care system become more sustainable and reach net zero will follow soon.

The £25m funding call to decarbonise the health and social care system will open in November 2024 to coincide with COP29. The call will invite funding applications to a total of £5m and similar calls will be made annually in the subsequent four years. This new annual call demonstrates NIHRs commitment to building research knowledge in this area for the longer term.

This call seeks to address the urgent knowledge gaps to reduce the environmental impact of the system. It aims to do this whilst improving health outcomes and sustainability of the health and social care system.

Before the call opening look out for a package of support for researchers.

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