Rapid Evidence Summary to help inform Anti-racist Wales Action Plan, Welsh Government 

Published on 1 August 2023

The main aim of this review was to ‘build up the evidence base in relation to understanding the relationship between ethnicity and the environment in Wales’.

The wider context of this work is the development and publication in July 2022 of the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan.  While the final published version of the Action Plan did not include a specific environment-focused section, it did include a commitment to developing actions on a range of climate and environment-related issues in the near future. Our work contributed to the initial phase of that process.

We focused on ethnicity and access to the countryside, outdoor activities, enjoyment of nature, access and use of green space and ethnicity and volunteering.

We provided:

  • A list of the most relevant research papers and policy documents relating to issues of ethnicity and access to, and engagement with, greenspace in the UK
  • Links to, or copies of, all key papers and reports
  • A narrative summary of the issue of ethnicity and engagement with green space focusing on barriers to access and associated policy responses
  • A distillation of lessons learnt from across the literature into a set of key recommendations