ACCESS has established a social and behavioural change task force to help inform the UK’s Net Zero policymaking.

Published on 13 July 2023

A group of ten social scientists, leading experts in environmental and climate change from geography, psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics and medicine have been tasked with providing evidence for effective policymaking.

Together with Government departments, devolved administrations and nature agencies, they’ll be developing a social science commentary on the UK Government Net Zero Research and Innovation Framework.

As part of this process, the task force will look at where policy interventions, have successfully translated into social change. E.g., reduction in smoking, declining use of plastic bags, adherence to lockdown restrictions and adoption of LED lighting.

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ACCESS Task Forces will be an annual initiative, bringing together world-leading social science expertise to focus on crucial and challenging policy areas. Net Zero is the first of four. Each one will be on a different topic related to the environment.