Including the More-Than-Human World in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Developing a Conceptual Framework -Flex Fund Project

Published on 4 December 2023

The aim of Catherine Price’s project is to design, co-produce and provide a conceptual framework for including the more-than-human world (animals, plants, soil, water, land etc.) within responsible research and innovation (RRI).

Catherine and Co-Investigator Tom Bott will be using a case study focussing on the deployment of biochar to test the suitability and further develop the conceptual framework. Biochar is an ideal case study as it is a ‘new technology’ that is currently being investigated for its greenhouse gas removal potential at scale and which has a direct impact on the more-than-human world throughout its lifecycle.

The project includes academics, individuals from Government Departments and Local Authorities, research funders, agricultural and forestry communities, environmental NGOs, the biochar community, and an artist. These diverse knowledge-holders ensure different knowledges and perspectives are feeding into the project.

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