How can social scientists can get involved with the Catapult Network?

Published on 18 January 2024

ACCESS interviews Will Pearson, Head of Academic Engagement from Catapult Connected Places to find out more about the Catapult network and how social scientists can get involved.

Will talks about the Catapult Connected Places and the Catapult network and explains why integrating the social sciences in their work is so important. He highlights several great opportunities for social scientists to get involved with their projects.

“The Catapult Network supports businesses in transforming great ideas into valuable products and services. We are a network of world-leading technology and innovation centres established by Innovate UK. We deliver impact across the UK economy, enabling businesses to thrive in global markets.

A Catapult is where the application of research is accelerated, where new technologies are further developed, scaled up and realised.

Catapults provide businesses with access to their expertise and facilities, enabling them to test, demonstrate and improve their ideas. By fostering collaborations between industry, government, research organisations, academia and many others, Catapults are helping to create the best environments for innovation. Catapults work with small, medium and large businesses, to understand the challenges they face and support them in the development of solutions that will help improve their business performance.”

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