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Uttara Narayan

Last modified: April 16, 2024
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Researcher, Racial Justice and Energy Demand
University of Oxford
Pronouns: She/her/hers


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University of Oxford

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am interested in applying critical social theory approaches to address social justice challenges that emerge as a consequence of the clean energy transition. Recently, I have been attempting to further the racial justice agenda in energy social science research by strengthening the evidence and conceptualisation around the relationship between racialisation and energy use in the UK. I hope to contribute to this through an approach that is centered on community action research. My previous work in India focused on the social consequences of large scale renewable energy installations and its implications for a responsible and just energy transition.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

I am interested in:
1. Understanding the relationship between racialisation and energy use in the UK
2. Exploring the ethics of conducting research that draws on people’s energy hardships in a respectful and non-extractive manner
3. Sharing evidence that links daily lived experiences with systemic factors, with a diverse audience


1. Narayan, Uttara, Vishwajeet Poojary, Tarul Jain, and Ulka Kelkar. 2023. “Negotiating a just transition: the case of utility-scale solar in semi-arid southern India.” In Just Transitions: Gender and Power in India’s Climate Politics, edited by Seema Arora-Jonsson, Manish Kumar Srivastava and Kavya Michael. Routledge. DOI: 10.4324/9781003048374-13.

2. Narayan, Uttara, Sarah Higginson, and Nick Eyre. 2023 November 29th. “How can Energy Demand further racial justice? The case of the UK.” BEHAVE 2023: 7th European Conference on Behaviour Change and Energy Efficiency. Maastricht: European Energy Network and Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

3. Narayan, Uttara. 2023 March 27th. “Renewed pathways to environmental justice: The case for considering racial (in)justice in energy demand research.” AAG Annual Meeting 2023: ‘New’ Geographies of Environmental Justice. Denver: American Association of Geographers.

4. Bobrova, Yekatherina, Bryony Parrish, Nick Banks and Uttara Narayan. 2023. “Capabilities approach to understanding fairness to participation in domestic demand response”, in. British Institute of Energy Economics Conference.

5. Poojary, Vishwajeet, Uttara Narayan, and Ashwini Hingne. 2022. “Justice in the Shadows – Land, Labour and Migration in India’s Clean Energy Transition.” 28th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference. Stockholm: ISDRS.

6. Ginoya, Namrata, Uttara Narayan, Lanvin Concessao, Pamli Deka, and Tirthankar Mandal. 2021. Integrating Electricity Priorities into Healthcare and Education in India: A Review of National and Subnational Policies. Working Paper, Washington DC: World Resources Institute. doi:

7. Forum for the Future; WRI India; TERI; S&P Global; Landesa. 2021. “Renewable Energy to Responsible Energy: A Call to Action.” Report. Presentation and panel discussion on responsible energy can be viewed here. I led the drafting of Section 2: Environmental & Social Impacts of RE.

8. Devi, Amala, Uttara Narayan, and Tirthankar Mandal. 2018. Here Comes the Sun: Residential Consumers’ Experiences with Rooftop Solar PV in Five Indian Cities. Working Paper, Washington DC: World Resources Institute.

Other projects and networks:

1. Blakelock, Elizabeth and Uttara Narayan. 2024. “Equalising Energy: Taking Action to Include Racialized Disadvantages in Fuel Poverty Research”. FPRN Blog. April 8.

2. Palmer, Jason, Brenda Boardman, Nicola Terry, Tina Fawcett, and Uttara Narayan. 2023. Finding the fuel poor and framing better policy. Cambridge Architectural Research and Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

3. Narayan, Uttara. 2023. “Guide to racially just energy research” CREDS Blog. July 12.

4. Narayan, Uttara, and Namrata Ginoya. 2022. “The Union Budget lacks the ‘power’ to transform services.” The Hindu Editorial. February 24.

5. Narayan, Uttara. 2021. “India’s Clean Energy Transition Should Lead with Accountability – Not Hubris.” The Wire. November 5.

6. Narayan, Uttara (guest speaker). Mathews, Susan (host). (14th October 2021). Season 1 Episode 6: Renewable Energy: clean, green or mean? The Subverse. Podcast audio.

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