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Dr Sarah Bell

Last modified: November 27, 2023
ACCESS Leadership College Fellows

Senior Lecturer in Health Geography
University of Exeter


The sector(s) I work in: Academic



Sensing Climate

Unlocking Landscapes Network


The European Centre for Environment & Human Health

About the organisation(s) I've worked for

Organisation name:

University of Exeter

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am a Senior Lecturer in Health Geography at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH), whose work focuses on the intersections between disability, wellbeing, social inequality and the diverse and changing environments encountered through the life course. 

Key topic areas of research or interest:

My work is underpinned by a passion for qualitative methodological innovation, designing sensitive approaches that promote critical awareness of varied ways of embodying and interpreting everyday geographies. Much of my research examines experiences of health, wellbeing, disability and social inclusion in and with diverse forms of ‘nature’ – from parks, gardens, woodlands, coast and countryside to the weather, seasons and climate change. Most recently, I have been developing new collaborations to understand how the climate crisis – and prominent societal responses to it – is shaping the everyday lives and adaptive capacities of people with varied experiences and histories of disability.   


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