ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
Saffron O'Neill
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Professor Saffron O’Neill

Last modified: December 7, 2023
ACCESS Leadership Team

Climate & Society Professor
University of Exeter


The sector(s) I work in: Academic

Professional qualifications:

PhD in Environmental Science

BSc Geography


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About the organisation(s) I've worked for

Organisation name:

University of Exeter

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am a geographer whose research explores the social science dimensions of climate variability and change, particularly focusing on communication and public engagement. My research specialism is the visual communication of climate change. My work is interdisciplinary and often co-designed with partners in policy, commercial or third sector roles. I am a Co-Director of ACCESS, where I lead the ACCESS Leadership College and contribute to WP4 (Data and Outreach) as well as Guiding Principles (EDI). I am also co-director of C3DS (Centre for Climate Change Communication and Data Science). I lead an enthusiastic and inspiring group of PhD students.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

  • Climate change communication
  • Public engagement
  • Media and journalism
  • Strategic communication
  • Visual communication
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Research culture and EDI
  • Qualitative methods
  • Data science and AI


Other projects and networks:

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