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ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
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Peter Bailey

Last modified: December 7, 2023
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Social Science Manager and Head of Social Science Profession
Environment Agency


The sector(s) I work in: Government agency




About the organisation(s) I've worked for

Organisation name:

Environment Agency

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am the national social science manager at the Environment Agency and, as the most senior social scientist at the EA, lead the social science profession. I have worked as an environmental social scientist for three decades in both the university and government sectors. This has been for local, national and international public bodies and a wide range of issues such as water, energy, air, hazards and emergencies.

I have experience of the application of a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods and a range of social science disciplines e.g. sociology, anthropology, psychology, politics and human geography.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

Key social science topic areas for the EA and thus my work are:

  • people and water
  • natural hazards and emergencies including flooding and drought
  • social science perspective on regulation
    climate change, mitigation, net zero and adaptation
  • environmental inequalities
  • environmental governance


The challenges of using social resilience indicators

Social deprivation and the likelihood of flooding

Searching for baselines constructing joint implementation project emission reductions

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