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ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
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Dr Nicholas Kirsop-Taylor

Last modified: February 15, 2024
ACCESS Co-Investigators

Lecturer in Public Policy & Governance
University of Exeter


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About the organisation(s) I've worked for

Organisation name:

University of Exeter

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am an environmental public policy and governance scholar – meaning I conduct research into how the environment and natures in the UK are governed. Im interested in questions about the role and place of regulation and public agencies, and environmental voluntary organisations, but also big questions about power, transformation, the role of the state, and what governance means in a rapidly changing world and national landscape.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

Environmental governance; environmental voluntary sector; environmental regulation; re-naturing; environmental policy; socio-ecological systems; the state; arms-length agencies

Collaboration opportunities:

Im interested in collaborative working with environmental voluntary sector partners; in media appearances (print and digital); working with public/arms-length environmental/natural resource agencies; Consultancy.


A typology of the 360 Climate Activist’. Humanities and Social Science Communications.

Leaping Forwards, Bouncing Forwards, or Just Bouncing Back: Resilience in Environmental Public Agencies Through after the Austerity Decade. Environmental Management.

Agencies navigating the political at the science-to-policy interface for nature-based solutions. Environmental Science and Policy.

Urban governance and policy mixes for nature-based solutions and integrated water policy. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.

External’ disruptions to qualitative data collection: addressing risks relating to Brexit and researcher-participant rapport. The Qualitative Report.

Problem-based learning for teaching and learning political ecology. The Journal of Environmental Education.

Four cultural narratives for managing socio-ecological complexity in public natural resource management. Environmental Management.

Designing public agencies for 21st-century nexus complexity: the case of Natural Resources Wales. Public Policy & Administration..

The contours of state retreat from collaborative environmental governance under austerity. In: Governance for sustainable development in troubled times. Sustainability.

A comparative analysis of the devolved UK policy responses to an ecosystem approach to integrated management. British Politics.

Surviving tough times: an analysis of the strategic responses taken by environmental voluntary sector organisations living under the shadow of austerity. Voluntary Sector Review.

Biodiversity offsetting and the environmental management voluntary sector: opportunities, risks, and uncertainties. Voluntary Sector Review.


Other projects and networks:

I am a Co-Investigator on the ACCESS project. I am also engaged in a long-term research project with the Embercoombe Rewilding Training team exploring the governance and political consequences of rewilding and land across the UK.

Kirsop-Taylor, N. (2023). ‘We need to talk about ELMS: what Pressman and Wildavsky can teach us about English agri-environmental policy in 2023’ PSA Blog.

Kirsop-Taylor, N. (2020). ‘Environmental public agencies: counting the costs of austerity and realising the opportunities beyond Covid-19’. Civil Service World.

Kirsop-Taylor, N. (2020). ‘Bureaucracy in the Anthropocene: a research agenda’. LSE Public Policy blog.

Scott, K. & Kirsop-Taylor, N. (2020). ‘#BuildBackBetter: how to make the post-Covid-19 world a fairer place to live’. LSE Covid-19 blog.

Kirsop-Taylor, N. & Benson, D. (2020). ‘Managing flood risks and uncertainties in Cornwall’. University of Exeter Institute of Cornish Studies blog

Kirsop-Taylor, N. (2020). ‘What Coronavirus might tell us about capacities and resilience’s in environmental public agencies after a decade of public austerity’. Pandemipolitics blog.

Kirsop-Taylor, N. & Benson, D. (2020). ‘Managing flood risks and uncertainties in Cornwall’. University of Exeter: Institute for Cornish Studies blog.


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