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ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
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Professor Neil Adger

Last modified: January 4, 2024
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Professor in Geography
University of Exeter


The sector(s) I work in: Academic




About the organisation(s) I've worked for

Organisation name:

University of Exeter

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am Professor of Human Geography. I teach, supervise graduate students, and research in the areas of environmental geography, ecological and institutional economics, and global environmental change.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

  • Climate change impacts and adaptation
  • Ecological economics
  • Demography and migration
  • Health and well-being


Adger WN, Barnett J, Heath S, Jarillo S (2022). Climate change affects multiple dimensions of well-being through impacts, information and policy responses. Nature Human Behaviour, 6(11), 1465-1473.

Morrison TH, Adger WN, Agrawal A, Brown K, Hornsey MJ, Hughes TP, Jain M, Lemos MC, McHugh LH, O’Neill S, et al (2022). Radical interventions for climate-impacted systems. Nature Climate Change, 12(12), 1100-1106.

Lu C, Adger WN, Morrissey K, Zhang S, Venevsky S, Yin H, Sun T, Song X, Wu C, Dou X, et al (2022). Scenarios of demographic distributional aspects of health co-benefits from decarbonising urban transport. The Lancet Planetary Health, 6(6), e461-e474.

Quinn T, Adger WN, Butler C, Walker-Springett K (2021). Community Resilience and Well-Being: an Exploration of Relationality and Belonging after Disasters. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 111, 577-590.

Adger WN, Safra De Campos R, Siddiqui T, Franco Gavonel M, Szaboova L, Rocky MH, Bhuiyan MRA, Billah T (2021). Human security of urban migrant populations affected by length of residence and environmental hazards. Journal of Peace Research, 58(1), 50-66.

Mach KJ, Kraan CM, Adger WN, Buhaug H, Burke M, Fearon JD, Field CB, Hendrix CS, Maystadt JF, O Loughlin J, et al (2019). Climate as a risk factor for armed conflict. Nature, 571, 193-197.

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