ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
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Dr Kostas Stavrianakis

Last modified: March 12, 2024
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Research Fellow
Robert Gordon University



The sector(s) I work in: Academic

Professional qualifications:

PhD, Member of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences , Member of Leisure Studies Association.

Certified Park Professional, Leave No Trace Master Educator, Flying Wild Certification





About the organisation(s) I've worked for

Organisation name:

Robert Gordon University

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I am an Environmental Social scientist with an interdisciplinary academic background. Through my research I aim to further understand how our social contexts influence our environmental behaviours and beliefs around climate change.

My current research focuses on public acceptance of decarbonisation technologies, and more specifically Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage technologies. I am currently funded by the European Union through the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme. I have experience working with both qualitative and quantitative methods, and my research is often informed by theories stemming from social psychology. I am a big advocate of green spaces and leisure.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

  • Climate Change
  • Leisure
  • Environmental Education
  • Community engagement
  • Outdoor Recreation


Public perception and acceptance of CCUS: preliminary findings of a qualitative case study in Greece. Open Research Europe

Beliefs and attitudes of university faculty members on climate change in the US. International journal of environmental studiesCommunity acceptance and social impacts of carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects: A systematic meta-narrative literature review. PloS one

Exploring environmental sustainability of academia as a working space. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

‘We’-A Robotic System to Extend Social Impact of Community Gardens. In Companion of the 2018 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

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