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Dr Jennifer Rudd

Last modified: December 7, 2023
ACCESS Leadership College Fellows

Senior Lecturer (Sustainability)
Swansea University


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Swansea University

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

My main focus is climate change education (CCE) and answering the question “Can we teach climate change in a way that effects behavioural change”. My work is of a transdisciplinary nature as I grapple with education, climate science, behavioural change, teacher education and geography…all with the background of a chemist! I lead on the You and CO2 project, collaborate with AE-FUNAI to deliver CCE teacher training in Nigeria, document carbon footprint reduction in communities and write CCE materials for primary schools to learn about fast fashion. I have worked previously on the circular economy, solar panels, water splitting and CO2 reduction.  

Key topic areas of research or interest:

My key topic areas are climate change education, teacher development and sustainable communities. I am also part of the Net Zero Wales by 2035 group, which was commissioned by Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru to advise them on how Wales could potentially reach Net Zero by 2035. Within this rather large challenge my focus is on what education and jobs will be by 2035, considering we need a just transition.  


Education/Science Communication Publication List – Jennifer A. Rudd

Books and Book Chapters
R.L. Skains, J.A. Rudd, C. Casaliggi, E. Hayhurst, R. Horry, H. Ross, K. Woodward “Choose Your Own Global Future: Using Interactive Digital Narrative to for Science & Health Education” Emerald Publishing, print date 26th May 2021

J.A. Rudd “Sam’s Clothes” Children’s book explaining climate positive fashion choices to ages 5-9.

Chapter 3 “Jennifer A. Rudd” in “ResearcHER: The Power and Potential of Research Careers for Women”, Emerald Publishing, print date 12/09/22

Peer-reviewed Climate Change Education and Climate Mitigation Publications 

12) J.A. Rudd, “An industrial take on developing and deploying carbon capture at scale”, Nature Reviews Chemistry, 2023, 1-2

11) R. Horry, J.A. Rudd, H. Ross, R.L. Skains, “Development and Validation of the Climate Capability Scale”, Sustainability, 15(15), 11933

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9) J.A. Rudd,Direct air capture: fledgling technology or world saviour?” Nature Reviews Chemistry, 2023, 1

8) J.A. Rudd, G. Lublin, J. Kusnierek, M. Saez Lecue, “Recycling+: Helping learners understand fast fashion and how clothing choices can help address the climate emergency” Journal of Emergent Science, 2023, 14

7) J.A. Rudd, “CO2 but not as you know it” Nature Chemistry, 14, 360(2022) Invited Article

6) R.L. Skains, J.A. Rudd, R. Horry, H. Ross, “Playing for Change: Teens’ attitudes toward climate change action as expressed through interactive digital narrative play” Frontiers in Communication, 2022, 289

5) J.A. Rudd “We’re all in this together – Solving climate change across the disciplines by taking a STEAM approach to climate education” School Science Review, 103(383), 42-47

4) Invited: J.A. Rudd, “From Climate Change Ignorant to Climate Change Educator” Chemistry – A European Journal, Science Voices, 2021, 6107-6111

3) Invited: H. Ross, J.A. Rudd, L. Skains, R. Horry, How Big is My Carbon Footprint? Understanding Young People’s Engagement with Climate Change Education Sustainability, 2021, 13(4), 1961

2) K. Glover, J.A. Rudd, D.R. Jones, E. Forde, M.E.A. Warwick, William Gannon, Charles W Dunnill, The Hydrogen Bike: Communicating the Production and Safety of Green Hydrogen, Frontiers in Communication, 2020, 138
1) J.A. Rudd, R. Horry, R.L. Skains, You and CO2: a Public Engagement Study to Engage Secondary School Students with the Issue of Climate Change, Journal of Science Education and Technology,
2019, 230-241

Pre-Print Climate Change Education Publications 

2) J.A. Rudd, R. Horry, H. Ross, R.L. Skains “Development and Validation of the Climate Capability Scale” PsyArxiv, 2022,
1) J.A. Rudd, M.E.A. Warwick, M. Taddei, R.J. Wakeham, Recycling Carbon: An Outreach Activity Designed to Introduce the General Public to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage, ChemRxiv, 2020

Peer-reviewed Chemistry Publication

16 first-authored and co-authored papers including PNAS, ACS Catalysis and Energy Reports.


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