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ACCESS - Advancing Capacity for Climate  and Environment Social Science
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Dr Alice Moseley

Last modified: November 27, 2023
ACCESS Leadership Team

Senior Lecturer
University of Exeter


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University of Exeter

About my experience and expertise

Personal statement:

I have over 20 years experience as public policy researcher and 10 years of experience in HE teaching. My main areas of research interest and expertise are in public participation, collaborative governance, environmental policy, behavioural public policy and administration, and policy and service evaluation.

I use mixed research methods, including experimental and survey methods, interviews, focus groups, literature reviewing and evidence synthesis. Recent projects have focused on deliberative engagement with the farming community in Net Zero transitions, climate focused citizen’s assemblies, and public and stakeholder engagement with biodiversity renewal. Much of my work is impact focused and co-designed.

Key topic areas of research or interest:

Behavioural Public Policy – the ethics and effectiveness of behavioural tools of public policy
Behavioural Public Administration – decision-making, perceptions and behaviour of actors in public administration, including bureaucrats, policy makers and citizens; behavioural governance across the policy process
Civic and Community Engagement – Public participation in public policy and politics – eg co-production, deliberative mini publics, climate assemblies, electoral participation, citizen engagement with environmental policy
Collaborative Governance: Inter-agency collaboration and coordination; Stakeholder conflict management in contested areas of public policy and in sustainability transitions


Sandover, R., Moseley, A. & Devine-Wright, P. (2021) Contrasting Views of Citizens’ Assemblies: Stakeholder Perceptions of Public Deliberation on Climate, Politics and Governance, 9 (2), 76-86.

Moseley A, Thomann E (2021). A behavioural model of heuristics and biases in frontline policy implementation. Policy & Politics, 49(1), 49-67.

Gofen A, Moseley A, Thomann E, Kent Weaver R (2021). Behavioural governance in the policy process: introduction to the special issue. Journal of European Public Policy, 28(5), 633-657.

Other projects and networks:

Online Public Deliberation Toolkit: Guidance for using online methods for deliberative public engagement

Developing A Net Zero Citizen’s Assembly for Devon: A Rapid Review of Evidence and Best Practice

Rapid Review: The Feasibility of an Online Citizens’ Assembly to support Devon’s Transition to Net Zero: A Rapid Review of Evidence and Best Practice

Renew project (NERC)

Public Policy & Governance Group (Exeter)

Horizon REDIRECT Project (Exeter) – The Representative Disconnect: diagnosis and strategies for rectification

Exeter Food Research Network –

Centre for European Studies

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